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Original names for the 5 -Preludes for guitar by Villa-Lobos

I plan on recording myself on a simple iPhone video all five of these pieces and posting them soon and posting more notes/info on these pieces

Turibio Santos found on some notes taken in 1958 during one of Heitor Villa-Lobos' public speeches:

Prélude no. 1: Homage to the dweller of the brazilian sertão - Lyrical Melody

Prélude no. 2: Homage to the Rascal of Rio - Capadócia Melody - Capoeira Melody

Prélude no. 3: Homage to Bach

Prélude no. 4: Homage to the Brazilian Indians

Prélude no. 5: Homage to the social life - "To the fresh young boys and girls who go to concert and Theatre in Rio"

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